Near Miss Reporting

Reporting near-misses allows our community to learn from the mistakes of others, and decreases the chance of similar incidents happening again. Regardless of whether an incident occurred or whether it was prevented in time, we encourage everyone to report incidents that they believe others can learn from.

If you had an incident where personal injury, damage to equipment or buildings, or use of a fire extinguisher has occurred, call 911 or Yale EHS emergency response at X5-3555 (203-785-3555) to report the incident if you haven’t done so already.


Note on anonymity: The submissions are completely anonymous, and no contact information is collected. (However, we have an option to for a submitter to add their name if they would like us to be able to contact them for more information.)

Note on submissions: Our main goal is to make this database a useful tool for current and future generations of researchers. We’re eager to hear about near misses that occurred not only at Yale, but at other schools as well. We encourage everyone to submit near misses that happened to them, to their labmates, or to researchers at other schools.

Note on secondary submissions: If you make a submission and would like to modify it or provide more information, we accept secondary submissions–just make a reference to your previous submission in the form.

Disclaimer: The information presented herein only represents our views of the best practices. If unsure of how to safely carry out an activity in lab, always consult e.g. a PI or safety officer regarding safety protocols.