JST and EH&S Safety Day 2018

Fire marshall teaches researchers about identifying fire extinguishers
Lab Safety Demonstration
Lab Coat Fitting
Noticing Hood Problems
Near Miss Reporting Activity
New Near Miss Reporting Website
Registration and Safety Posters Table
Importance of Safety Glove Demo
Waste Management Station
EH&S Station
Lab Goggle Fitting
Fire Demo
Near Miss Website Demo
Lab Safety Demonstration
Safety Poster Table
Fire Demo
Safety Posters
Near Miss Station
JST Members
Professors get involved
JST Members
1st Year Grad Students Learn About Safety
Lab Safety Demonstration
Lab Safety Demonstration
Waste Management Demo
August 28, 2018

Pictures from the JST and EH&S Annual Safety Day 2018.

A big thank you to our photographer Jihye Jo and to our many volunteers from JST, EH&S, and Fire Department.