4th Annual Safety Day

August 9, 2018

The 4th Annual Safety Day will be held in the 3rd Floor Lounge of SCL Tuesday August 28th 9AM - 1PM. All first-year students and safety officers are required to attend and visit all stations. Slots for training in the morning are reserved for attendees who work at West Campus. Trainings and demonstrations include:

  • Pyrophoric Materials (JST demonstration)
  • Bench and hood maintenance (JST demonstration)
  • Emergency Response (JST demonstration)
  • Chemical Hygiene (JST demonstration)
  • Fire Extinguisher Training with Yale Fire Marshals
  • Chemical Inventory System
  • Near Miss Reporting
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Safety Glasses Fitting
  • Lab Coat Fitting
  • Gas Cylinders with TechAir
  • PPE
  • E-Ship Global

There will be a light breakfast at 9AM as well as a lunch at noon. To receive a lunch voucher, attendees must visit and get stamped at the Waste Management Station, Near Miss Report Station, and at least 1 JST demonstration. Go to all of the stations and trainings for a chance to win $80 in Amazon gift cards!


The JST and EHS would also like to remind everyone to complete the required online safety training for Laboratory Chemical Safety(https://ehs.yale.edu/node/269) and Fire Extinguishers (https://bmsweb.med.yale.edu/tms/tms_enrollments.offerings?p_crs_id=2074&p_std_id=) by August 27th.Please sign up for the interactive fire extinguisher training using the attached spreadsheet to get the opportunity to put out a real fire! 

*The online trainings are required for everyone in Chemistry whether you attend the Safety Day or not